As I continue on my never-ending hunt for the next best thing, I did my weekly beauty shopping and picked up a few products that I have been dying to try.  My favorite beauty buys this week are two products that I was really blown away by and wanted to share my thoughts about them here with you.

Pur Cosmetics – Eye Polish ($26)

Pur Cosmetics (also known as Pur Minerals) is an awesome company that has been consistently pushing out one awesome product after another.  They are an Atlanta based brand (whoop, ATL!) and have been really great about creating products that truly set themselves apart from others.  Added bonus, their makeup has anti-aging and calming skincare in it that will agree with even the most sensitive of skin types.

I picked up Pur’s Eye Polish in Silk and have been wearing it everyday.  I like to use the eye polish alone as its own color but you can use it under your eye shadow to add a shimmery bronze to any color or dab a little polish on top of your shadow in the center of the lid to make your eyes pop.  It is the perfect summer staple.


Garnier SkinActive – Micellar Cleansing Water ($6.99)


Ok, so I have been hearing A Lot about micellar water lately and decided I had to buy a bottle and see what all the fuss was about.  I did not like the idea of using a liquid makeup remover that does not rinse off but this is basically an awesome product to replace makeup removing wipes.  I have sensitive, oily skin and after using the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, I could tell that it pulled all of the dirt and oil out of my skin and did not leave a residue of any kind on my face.  Even my waterproof mascara came off like butter and did not irritate my eyes.  Micellar water is supposed to act like a magnet that draws dirt, oil and impurities out of your skin and from what I can tell, that is exactly what it did.


Two polished thumbs up.

Amanda Gaenssley Signature photo